To minimise the discomfort experienced by our patients, we provide local anaesthesia as a cream applied and left on the skin for about 30 minutes.

The number of procedures required is between four and six with a five- to six-week interval between them.

Fractional laser treatment and laser procedures in general should be performed in autumn and winter because the sun is not so intensive during these seasons.

Most patients describe a sensation of warmth during the procedure. To minimise the possible discomfort, local anaesthesia is applied before the procedure and during the procedure itself cooling methods maintain comfortable temperature keeping the skin surface cool. 

The cost depends on the size.

Depends largely on the depth of the scar and how long ago it occurred.

We can apply local anaesthesia as a cream, so you will experience mild discomfort at most.

No, at least five procedures are required to achieve the desired result.

The cost depends on the size of the tattoo.

The area of the skin to be treated should not be suntanned and following the procedure the respective area should be protected with an appropriate cream with a sun protection factor.

 There should be at least 3-week interval between procedures.

Probably some of the capillaries will be removed immediately after the first procedure. However, treatment consisting of two to four procedures performed in three- to four-week intervals is recommended to obtain optimum results, especially in the case of capillaries that have not been treated for years.

Depends on the quantity applied and the area treated.

Depends on the quantity applied and the area treated.

No. Most patients describe the procedure as a mild one and they feel very minor discomfort. 

Vasodilators and, of course, antibiotics should not be taken.

The period before repeated administration of fillers depends on the depth of the wrinkles and the density of the applied product. For the majority of patients,1-2 procedures per year are fully sufficient.

You should not take any vasodilators or drink alcohol in the evening before the procedure. Fillers should not be administered to pregnant or breast-feeding women and the patient should be in good health.

The price depends on the product and the quantity administered.

Mild discomfort is possible, depending on the area where the dermal filler is administered. To avoid pain, local anaesthesia as cream is applied to the patient and left for about 30 minutes.