The condition of my skin required two procedures of non-surgical lifting with Ultraformer. After the period necessary for the results to show, I felt a tangible effect! I feel the skin on my face is much better: it is tight, the chin is gone, as are the wrinkles. All I read in the description about Ultraformer materialised in full. People who had not seen me for some time could immediately see the difference.

I am 46, I made one procedure with Ultraformer. The result was amazing indeed. In 3 months, my face visibly changed: the entire contour was lifted, the excess fat disappeared and the wrinkles became a thing of the past. The discomfort from the procedure lasted for a mere few days. I recommend Ultraformer to all ladies in need of a change!

Thank you for the professionalism and the amazing care and attention! With Derma Vita, I am not afraid of growing old!

Violina Milcheva Milusheva

I am extremely happy with the overall service. 

Daniela Kirilova Vasileva

I am very happy with my visits to Derma Vita. The staff is very polite and qualified.  

Krasimira Tsaneva

Only superlatives — perfect!!!

Margarita Vidralska

Dr. Paskova won my complete trust. Her assessment was always very balanced and accurate. 

Mariela Trendafilova

Professional attitude to the client, to his/her individuality and specific needs. A wonderful team which creates a sense of trust and security during performance of the procedures. 

Milka Pavlova