Dr. Paskova is a fantastic professional and person. 

Neli Ivanova Petrova

I like the approach to the patient characterised by not offering procedures and services “at all costs”. Instead, the de facto condition of each type of skin is evaluated.

Valentina Zhecheva

I am delighted with the responsiveness and professionalism of the team. I wish them more success.

Dimitrina Kostova

An exceptionally polite and careful attitude to each and every patient! They pay individual attention to the case and assist in resolving the problem. 

Desislava Georgieva Kecheva

I am very happy with the results achieved and the competent attitude to the patients. 

Yulia Emilova Charkadzhieva

A lovely team and excellent work.

Evelina Borisova

With smiles and professionalism, the team of Dr. Paskova makes us look and feel great. Thank you! 

Yovka Kyoseva

I am extremely happy both with the procedures and the professional and kind attitude of the staff! 

Maria Angelieva