About Dr.Paskova

Dr. Katya Paskova is one of the first Bulgarian dermatologists to develop aesthetic dermatology the way we know it today. Her professional career started immediately after 1989 when she graduated medicine in the city of Plovdiv. First, she started working as a paediatrician, to discontinue her practice only 8 months later. She decided to fulfil her dream and work as a dermatologist. For this reason, she started her specialisation at the Third City Hospital in Sofia, where she worked for nearly eight years.

With the experience Dr. Paskova gained through the years, she created her own brand, Derma Vita, at the start of the new millennium. Since 2001, Dr. Paskova has been assiduously developing Derma Vita Clinic, which nowadays is a well-known and established clinic in the field of general and aesthetic dermatology. During all these years, the clinic has proven itself as a professional medical centre where Dr. Paskova provides help to thousands of people every year. As a rule, the clinic continuously strives towards innovation and accuracy. Every month the professionals at the clinic attend different trainings to improve their expertise and experience. Derma Vita invests in the best laser technology to be able to offer the most modern methods in dermatology. The clinic's team is professionally trained to operate laser equipment intended to serve the needs of dermatology.

Dr. Paskova is of the opinion that a professional approach should be based on continuous training and self-improvement. Therefore, she completed various specialised trainings all over the world and every year she adds several new ones to her portfolio. Furthermore, she is a member of the Bulgarian Dermatological Society, the Bulgarian Association of Private Dermatology Practitioners, the Academy of Practical Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine, the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology (EADV), the European Society of Laser Dermatology (ESLD).

For aesthetic reasons, Dr. Paskova is not fond of hyper-corrections that often look grotesque. Her principles as a professional dermatologist include her belief that beauty, in the first place, is a harmony of proportions and that any correction is permissible if balanced. She believes that skin is our outer coat and reflects what happens inside our body. The largest human organ is an unprecedented “herald” of the processes occurring in the human body. 

Dr. Paskova likes to spend her spare time travelling, growing flowers, and openly recognises her fascination with interesting cuisine. She tries to adhere to a healthy diet and eats primarily bio-products. She is deeply convinced that the smile is the greatest driver behind beauty and youth.