The innovative multifunction laser system M22 , LUMENIS is a complete rejuvenation of the face, non-invasive treatment of old and new scars, including acne, rosacea, pigment spots and common stretch marks.

This irreplaceability of the laser system is due to the variety of skin problems that can be treated with it. For this purpose it has two nozzles with different device and action - ResurFx and IPL.

Photofraction therapy is a safe and effective way of removing the "scars of time" on the skin. Both IPL and ResurFX are approved by the Federal Agency for Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


ResurFx - laser against imperfections

 Lumenis ResurFX is the latest generation of non-ablative fractional laser technology with a wavelength of 1565 nm. Non-ablative means it does not break the surface layer of the skin - there are no wounds after the procedure.

ResurFX works by fractional photothermolysis, which creates micro-columns of coagulated tissue in the lower layers of the skin without damaging its surrounding areas. Heating and "micronutrients" in-depth induce a healing response in the intact skin, resulting in their replacement with new healthy and younger tissue. In addition, these micro-columns act as canals that eliminate excess pigments, which also explains the clinical illumination of pigment disorders such as melasma. Thus, correction of scars of different origins, including acne, trauma, etc., is achieved.


ResurFx treats stretch marks and acne scars

Stretch marks are one of the most common scars in women due to pregnancy, puberty, or other sudden weight changes. ResurFx is one of the most effective advanced technologies for stretch marks. ResurFX has a scanner that directs the beam only to the damaged skin area without affecting healthy tissue. The hundreds of form and density combinations customize the impact and affect only the stretch line. The presence of additional cooling makes the procedure not only effective but also comfortable.

The versatile effects of ResurFx lead to total skin rejuvenation. With this innovative system with 3 to 5 procedures within 5 weeks, we can solve the most common and unwanted skin problems. The benefit of ResurFX is that it is able to achieve great results with minimal recovery time.


IPL (Intensed Pulsed Light)

The other end of the M22 system is IPL. Intensed Pulsed Light is still the gold standard of photo-rejuvenation. Its versatility affects not only the texture of the skin but also the various pigmentations as well as vascular disorders leading to the flushing. The action of IPL is based on the principle of "selective photothermolysis", in which the light emanating from the apparatus is absorbed by specific structures called chromophores. In this case, they are hemoglobin in the blood and melanin in the pigmentation. The absorbed light is transformed into heat and selective destruction of target structures such as pigment spots and expanded capillaries occurs. An additional portion of the rays that have reached the dermis stimulate fibroblasts to produce more new and healthy collagen. Only one procedure simultaneously affects several aesthetic problems. The IPL nozzle is treated with capillaries, various forms of rosacea, pigment spots are eliminated, and is achieved effective skin rejuvenation. Structural changes in epidermis and derma influence by fine wrinkles, improved skin density and strength, removing expanded pores. Photo rejuvenation is a well-known and popular aesthetic procedure with a very good safety profile and versatile effects in one procedure. For optimal effect, we recommend again 3-5 procedures over a one-month interval.


With the M22 platform at Derma Vita, we remove many skin defects, reduce the combination of different procedures and the number of therapy courses, and hence the budget for treating patients. Save your time with us today!



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