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Humanity fights aging and its signs for a very long time. One of aging biggest signs are face wrinkles. Different surgery and dermatological solutions are used for their removal. Lately the so called fillers or dermal implants are widely used. These are products injected in skin or under the skin to fill in the wrinkles. Fillers can also be used for lip augmentation and hollow face areas augmentation. “Fillers” have not such a long history. They have been used for the first time in 1997 by a few American doctors.

There are two kinds of “Fillers” worldwide: bio-absorbable – they are solved within 6 months to 1 year non bio-absorbable – they are constant or have a longer usage Their action, injection into or under the skin, injected quantity, product evolution and side effects are different regarding the product. Insoluble products like silicon gel, beef collagen are forbidden to use in Europe since 1998.

Other insoluble products are based on polymethyl metacrylate or acrylic hydrogel. Sometimes these products give side reactions – the so called granulomas – so these products are abandoned by most doctors. Bio-soluble products gain more and more popularity in world practice because they are harmless, easy to dose and use. Mostly used products especially in Europe are based on Hyaluronic acid – a product that can be found in human body and thus side reactions are decreased to the minimum.

Hyaluronic acid is sometimes called – “the fountain of perpetual youth” – has a very big influence over how you feel your skin, how it looks and functions. Its chemical compound is polysaccharide and is the main structure compound of the connective tissue matrix of the derma /the middle skin layer/. There are other important compounds in this matrix – collagen and elastine fibers.

Hyaluronic acid’s main function is to absorb and retain water – think of it as a sponge. It can absorb 1 000 times its weight. So it accumulates water and balances its quantity into intercellular areas and your skin hydrates and has higher density and volume. Hyaluronic acid also takes part in sufficient nutrition compounds transportation to surrounding cells. Skin aging, its exposure to environmental pollution and UV beams little by little lead to decreased ability of cells for such an important substance – hyaluronic acid – production.

A number of researches show that hyaluronic acid quantities are smaller in older than in younger skin. Aging, sun beams and hereditary factors make your skin dehydrated, collagen and elastic fibers change their normal structure and this leads to decreasing elasticity, volume loss and first fine wrinkles and lines. Lost volume recovery, softer face lines and fewer wrinkles can be achieved in nonsurgical way with derma fillers. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most used fillers /Restylane, Emervel®, Sculptra, Allergan, Radiesse/ of non-animal origin. Therefore there is no risk of diseases transmission or allergic reactions to chicken meat and eggs.

What else you need to know about fillers:

-         easy procedure that takes about 30 minutes

-         direct impact  where needed

-         immediate impressive result

-         minimal recovery time

-         long-term effect but not permanent

-         natural and safe procedure with small side effects risk


Which areas can be treated?

-         from the nose to the mouth angles /nasolabial wrinkles/

-         lips /augmentation/

-         cheek bones and chin /forming/

-         upside palms, neckline, face /skin rejuvenation/ between the eyebrows /glabellas’ wrinkles/

In Derma Vita you can find some of the best products based on hyaluronic acid.




Although the sequence of events observed upon ageing is predictable to a certain extent, the speed of ageing in different individuals is different and it can be influenced both by internal (gender, genetic predisposition) and external (exposure to the sun, smoking, stress, etc.) factors. Independently and, more often, jointly, various factors affect the condition of the skin and the tissues and structures located underneath.


During the ageing process, the balance in the skin, adipose, muscular tissue and bones is lost and progressive changes occur in their composition, volume, shape and location.


Radiesse is a dermal filler based on microspheres of calcium hydroxyapatite embedded in a special sterile gel.  This is an ideal product for facial contouring which helps a lot for the restoring the more youthful look, helps in the fight against gravitation and the subsequent loosening of the skin, and can largely compete with surgical lifting.


Radiesse is a product subject to multiple clinical trials and its efficiency and safety is proven by international health institutions. It is completely biocompatible since its main ingredient is a component of the bones, teeth and other tissues.


This is a dermal filler which achieves impressive results. Immediately after its injection, recovery of the volume is observed, as well as contouring and lifting in various areas, and at the same time the natural shape is largely preserved. Unlike many other fillers, Radiesse does not stop here. Due to the patented microspheres, the process  collagen genesis is activated at a full speed by stimulating our own body to generate new collagen. It is located in the areas of subcutaneous injection, virtually in the form of a “fixture”.  In this way, it successfully counteracts the loosening in the bottom part of the face, especially along the line of the contour.


Radiesse is also appropriate for:


- Restoration of lost volume in the middle part of the face;

- Filling of nasolabial folds;

- Correction of the chin;

- Correction of the nose;

- Filling of hollow temporal bones.


Radiesse guarantees safety and efficiency, long-term and immediately visible results.




With time, our skin gradually loses its texture, tone, fresh and shiny look. It begins to thin out. Elasticity decreases and the first wrinkles form.  The adipose tissue in the deeper layers of the skin decreases as well, which makes the skin loosen even more and the wrinkles get deeper. The loss of volume, especially in the intermediate part of the face, makes us look tired, with sharper features and sometimes prematurely aged.


Sculptra is a relatively new filling product for volume recovery whose action consists of stimulating the formation of much new and strong collagen of our own. Further, it helps restore facial volume which is at the core of the more youthful look. The effect is long-term and the look – quite natural.  Due to Sculptra, the facial contour can be restored, and wrinkles and facial folds can be eliminated.


In its composition, Sculptra is a sterile suspension of poly-L-lactic acid which is completely biocompatible (material which does not pose danger to the body) and biodegradable (it is gradually absorbed by the body). It has been used in medicine for many years as soluble wound sutures and does not require preliminary skin testing for allergies. Originally, Sculptra was developed to treat facial scars and defects in the contour. The poly-L-lactic acid is in the form of microparticles which can actively affect the development of a strong and stable collagen mesh. This is due to the gradual softening of the features and reduction of the wrinkles' depth.


Sculptra (Poly-L-Lactic Acid) is intended for:


- Enhancing the volume of loosened areas, especially for the correction of skin sags, scars, folds, wrinkles and skin ageing.

- Large-scale correction of signs of loss of fatty tissue on the face (lipoatrophy).


Patients need to know that depending on the condition of the treated zone, the volume of Sculptra used and its injection, as well as the effect of Sculptra treatment can last up to 2 years and in some cases the duration of the effect can be shorter or longer. Most treatment areas need at least 2 sessions at minimum intervals of 4 weeks for optimal correction. The individual response in patients can vary depending on some anatomical specifics, age, condition of the skin. 





The youthful face has an oval contour, high cheek-bones and a well-demarcated jaw. The curves from the cheek-bones to the edge of the nose are smooth, with no sags.


Ageing leads to the loss of volume in the soft tissues of the face. The skin also loses its elasticity. The oval of the shape is also affected.


Contemporary trends in aesthetic medicine shift from a treatment by filling individual wrinkles to a holistic approach to the face.

The loss of volume and muscle hyperactivity are among the main reasons for ageing. For this reason, our main goal is to restore the volume and make the facial contour smoother.

For example, when we treat the cheek-bone area and restore its lost volume, we lift the skin and reduce any expressed nasolabial folds.



The advantage of the product range using the technology  VYCROSS  of  Voluma, Volift, Volbella is that it does not only restore the lost volume but also ensure very tender lifting and shape the contour of the face and lips.


The last innovation of the Alleran family is Volift.


Volift is the most universal filler of the family using the VYCROSS technology. It restores the lost volume in the cheek-bone area, the lower jaw, the chin and has a very tender lifting effect. It is used for correction of nasolabial folds, for lifting the eyebrows, marionette lines, oral commissures, volume and contour of the lips.


The effect lasts up to 15 months and is proven with clinical research.


Patients' high satisfaction with the therapy using Volift is a proof in itself for its capacity. Patients share that they feel younger, fresher and more confident.


Volift with Lidocaine uses the technology VYCROSS, an innovative technology in the manufacture of hyaluronic acid.


VYCROSS technology is a patented balance between a short- and long-chain hyaluronic acid which achieves a highly efficient connection with BDDE. It ensures high cohesion of the product to preserve its shape and to not migrate. The strong hyaluronic acid mesh is resistant to degradation mechanisms.


Created specifically to minimise post-manipulation oedemas and to achieve a lasting effect, the technology uses a homogeneous gel to obtain natural looks. Due to its properties, the technology VYCROSSensures:

The effect lasts from 12 to 18 months (depending on the product).

A gel with smooth consistency for natural sensation and look.

Minimum oedema after the manipulation which allows the patient to quickly resort to daily routine.

The presence of Lidocaine ensures exceptional comfort during the manipulation.


Fillers that use VYCROSS technology are:

Voluma ,Volift, Volbella- three products for complete shaping of the face.





Emervel® is a new avant-garde range of non-permanent dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid from Galderma. It is created with the innovative technology Optimum Balance and ensures instant results by smoothing out facial wrinkles and lines, adds volume and defines the contour of the lines, reduces the visible signs of ageing.


There exist various products in the range of dermal fillers Emervel, each of them contains a local anaesthetic Lidocaine due to which the procedures are very comfortable. Each product in the range is custom-designed to add the various layers of skin and to ensure even, naturally looking results. 


Dermal hyaluronic acid fillers such as Emervel are the most frequently used procedures for correction of wrinkles, folds and loss of facial volume which are associated with skin ageing and external factors such as exposure to the sun and diets.


Anti-ageing Emervel procedures are made to meet your needs

The product range of Emervel offers you custom-designed procedures with lasting and natural effect.

Dermal fillers Emervel smooth the wrinkles, replace the lost facial volume and increase and shape the lips. Emervel is clinically proven to improve elasticity and structure of the skin and to rejuvenate it.

Is a procedure with Emervel available to anyone?

Many people can take advantage of procedures with Emervel. The products may be used for various indications to meet your individual needs. This may include: 



1.  Wrinkles, lines, and folds reduction 2.  Shaping and enlargement of the lips 

3.  Shaping the contour of the face and reconstructing the volume of the face, shaping the cheek-bones and the chin

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