Acoustic waves cellulite

Acoustic Wave Therapy


Asclepion’s new Acoustic Waves System provides non-invasive cellulite treatment for thighs and buttocks. The goal is to improve skin texture and elasticity by smoothening the dimpling effect of the skin, and stretching the connective tissue. It delivers acoustic pulses to the area being treated. These create vibration in the connective tissue, loosening any rigidity. This leads to increased vascularization and the creation of a new, thickened band of collagen in the dermis. The affected area should be treated twice a week for three to four weeks. The treatment takes about half an hour depending on  the size of the area treated. Noticeable improvement will become visible after just three or four treatments. Maintenance sessions are suggested. The Asclepion Acoustic Waves treatment is painless and does not lead to any “downtime”.

Why Asclepion AW? • Fast, easy, and gentle • No downtime • No pain • Convincing clinical trials • Improved skin elasticity • No disposables, creams or special clothing required • Long-lasting results • Application-controlled user interface, patient database and indication-specific parameters

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