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Exilis protégé is a radio frequency therapy at 3.25 МНz. The radio frequency waves are emitted by a small nozzle. Contact gel is applied on the top of the nozzle and then a disposable condom is placed. Non-invasive contact earthing electrode is then placed on the patient's back. The patient is placed on the couch with her legs slightly open. The patient should be relaxed and calm. Contact gel is applied to the right-side labia minora and the labia majora. The treatment starts with light and gentle circular movements. If the patient complains about increased temperature, more gel is applied or the energy is reduced. The device stops in 6 minutes and then we start treatment of the left-side labia minora and labia majora. The treatment continues in the same way for another 6 minutes. That is all – easy, fast, and painless. During the procedure, increased blood flow to the labia and flushing may be observed and they become fuller and fleshier. This effect occurs immediately after the procedure. However, the actual effect is achieved in about a month after the completion of all procedures. By applying radio frequency, the fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen, are stimulated. This type of stimulation is a slower process that continues for days following the completion of the last procedure. The effect continues for 3 months after completion of the therapy.


Exilis protégé managed to restore sexual satisfaction for many women whose feedback is that they experience greater sexual desire and satisfaction. 


Exilis protégé is a radio frequency therapy that works at 3.25 МНz, approved by the European Union and bearing the CE marking, which means that the product meets the European safety regulations.  


The radio frequency energy emitted by the device is transformed into heat within the dermis where the collagen and elastic fibres are located. The heat causes them to contract. At this point, multiple fibroblasts are directed to this location to form new collagen.  


4 procedures performed in five- to eight-day intervals are necessary. The procedure lasts for 12 minutes and is completely painless. No recovery period is necessary.  


This procedure is suitable for women aged from 18 to 60, before menopause.  


Possible risks:  


Transitory erythema, swelling, tissue tenderness, dry skin.  




Pregnancy, breastfeeding, sexually transmitted diseases, bacterial and viral infections, inflammatory process, pacemaker, malignant tumours.

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