InBody test

The majority of diseases are caused by excess weight. The regulation of the bodily components is important to your health. Derma Vita is equipped with InBody, a new-generation machine, that makes an overall assessment of the current status of the parameters of the body.


This is one of the most accurate devices for analysing the human body. The analysis itself lasts for seconds and the patient is not required to undress. The only requirement is for the patient to expose his/her feet and hands for the eight contact points to perform their intended function. The weight of the clothes is manually deducted from the overall weight.


One of the most important assessments of the status of the bodily components is done by calculating the main constituents of the human body. Our weight is a sum of the balance between water, mineral substances, proteins and lipids. On this basis, we can evaluate which component should be regulated and the type of dietary and exercise regimen. Many patients consider this calculation an indicator for some diseases caused by excess or lack of bodily components.


The modern lifestyle forces more people to accumulate fat, which is hard to control because of the junk food and the long hours spent on the computer without moving. That is why InBody gives you the opportunity to assess your current status and take the appropriate measures. The machine is connected to a server which provides accurate information about the ratio of height/weight/age/gender/bodily components.


A specialist will prepare a dietary and exercise programme based on the actual ratio. After adherence to the regimen for a specific period, the parameters ad the results will be measured once again.


What does the assessment of the body condition include?


-       Body weight control;

-       Check of the fatty tissue;

-       Control of the muscle mass;

-       Target body weight;

-       Distribution of fatty tissue;

-       Muscle strength;

-       Body type;

-       Swelling;

-       Physical balance.


InBody is also suitable for children from 6 to 18 years of age. It is used to compare their physical development to the normal development at the respective age.

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