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Laser Hair Removal treatment has long been established as the best way to permanently and safely reduce unwanted body hair. MeDioStar, from the leader in laser technologies Asclepion, is a synonym for safe & efficient hair removal, even for darker skin types. Due to its unique wavelength range, deep & selective treatments are possible. The high power diode allows the use of large spot sizes and reaches even deep seated follicles. The laser light penetrates the skin and the melanin pigments contained in the hair absorb the energy. By absorption, the light energy turns into heat and damages the surrounding cells, which are responsible for hair regrowth. However, even when using higher energy densities, the application is always safe, guaranteeing low risk and a gentle treatment for patients. The very low risk of side effects is achieved through a homogeneous spot profile and very efficient cooling of the epidermis. During the whole treatment the skin surface is cooled with the integrated peltier element, which makes the treatment much more comfortable.

Using only the latest technology available, we at Derma Vita Clinic pride ourselves in offering you the best possible treatments available.

Pre-treatment Instructions - Laser Hair Removal

  • Ensure that your skin has not been exposed to direct sunlight at least 4 weeks prior to treatment.
  • If you have sunburn or tan present your treatment will be cancelled.
  • Tanning lotions must be removed completely prior to treatment.
  • Make-up/perfume must be removed for facial treatments. This can be done upon arrival at the clinic.
  • It is essential that minimum hair is visible on the area being treated.
  • We advise shaving/trimming the area 1-2 days before each treatment.
  • It is advisable all areas to be prepared prior to laser treatment.
  • It is necessary to stop bleaching your hair 21 days prior to treatments.

Following each treatment it is expected that:

  • Your skin may show some redness and slight swelling post treatment. This should resolve within few hours following treatment.
  • We make the procedure much more comfortable  with a special skin cooling system produced by Zimmer.  Icepacks could be applied during the treatment if necessary.
  • Occasionally, superficial ‘skin flaking’ is experienced. In rare cases superficial blistering, scabbing, pigmentation changes may be seen following a treatment.
  • It is normal that your destroyed hair roots will fall out in between treatments. We do not recommend that you pluck these hairs. Instead we suggest that you exfoliate the area a week after treatment.
  • The area should not be exposed to direct sunlight until your course of treatments to that area is complete. This will reduce the risk of hypo- or hyperpigmentation and ensure a more effective treatment is given.
  • If you are planning exposure to sun or have been in direct sunlight please notify your clinic prior to your treatment as it may have to be delayed until your skin is suitable for treatment.

In between Treatments:

  • You may continue to shave/trim hairs or use depilatory creams if you wish to keep the treated area ‘hair free’ during treatments.
  • You must not pluck, wax or bleach the area between treatments, however, when returning for a follow on treatment you must ensure that hairs are short for treatment.
  • If the area has been exposed to sun in between your treatments, you should notify your therapist of this to avoid any adverse skin reactions.
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