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Light therapy – Chromospace LED bed

NASA research conducted in the 1960s provided evidence that light of a specific wavelength is efficient for stimulation of the recovery processes and provides the opportunity to treat different skin conditions.

The light of a specific wavelength provides photobiostimulation to all skin cells. It reaches the mitochondria in the cells, which, in turn, transform the light into energy – ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Each wave length has a corresponding specific active colour, which has a specific impact on the cells – blue (465 nm), green (522 nm), yellow (595 nm), red (645 nm), and infra-red light (855 nm).

Chromospace is a bed that generates LED light with 5 active colours (wavelengths) that have a beneficial effect not just on the skin cells but on the entire human body.

This “bath of light” has a beneficial effect in multiple problems:


1.Rejuvenation with Chromospace - The skin is able to absorb light of specific wavelength and to use it as an energy source and for stimulation of cell re-generation.

Red light (645nm) is able to reverse and control the visible signs of ageing and makes us look younger without the need of invasive surgical interventions. By using this completely safe method, drastic skin tightening, smoothing of the visible wrinkles, and shrinking of the pores could be achieved.

With the years, the quantity of collagen and elastin decreases, the energy reserves of the cells also decrease, and the skin ages. LED light works in both conditions.

The cell's core has a small energy generator, i.e. mitochondria, whose functioning slows down over time. The light of a specific wavelength provides photobiostimulation by reaching the mitochondria in the cells, which transform light into energy – ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

On the other hand, it stimulates fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen and elastin, and their quantity and activity drastically increases.

The effect is visible: wrinkles are evened out and circulation improves. The skin restores its elasticity and tone.

Until recently, anti-ageing procedures focused on the skin of the face only, ignoring the fact that skin covers our entire body.


2.Treatment of hair loss - The hair loses its density and tone, individual hairs become thinner and as result the hair grows thinner. Hair loss is a condition characterised by losing more than 100 hairs per day.

When hair loss is localised on the top of the head or it is in the shape of circular fields, the condition is called alopecia or baldness. Alopecia affects 70% to 80% of men compared to 42% of women and it is progressive in nature.

Under the influence of dihydrotestosterone (derivative of the testosterone), oxidative stress and environmental factors (like sunlight, smoking, pollution), the vessels that supply nutrients to the hair follicle become affected with atrophy. Reduced volume of oxygen reaches the individual hair, it does not receive enough nutrients, which causes its loss.

Active light treatment - Phototherapy with LED light aims to reduce or prevent hair loss by stimulating the hair follicle.

LED light improves micro-circulation and oxygen supply, increases the energy production and restores the metabolism of the hair follicle. The average duration of the therapy is 20 minutes. The scalp is directly exposed to the LED light emitted by the panels.

To optimise the results, photobiostimulation may be combined with mesotherapy, plasma therapy or dermal therapy . 10 to 11 procedures are required to achieve optimum results. Your physician will prepare an individual plan for treatment of hair loss, depending on hair loss severity.

You will notice the effect as soon as the first month of therapy. The hair will restore its density, strength and healthiness. The results are visible in six months. Maintenance procedures once a month are advisable to maintain the effects and optimise the results.


3.Activation of all vital processes;

Against pain and traumas;

Anti-stress, toning, detoxification.


Relieves joint pain and traumas - Infrared light permeates the body to the greatest extent. It has a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. It relieves pain in the joints and muscles. It improves blood circulation and increases the immune response.

Anti-stress - The Chromospace bed has anti-melancholy effect. It reduces tension by enhancing the neurotransmission and has a positive effect on the sleep. Light therapy also has an effect on the immune and lymphatic systems and assists the processes of body detoxification. It improves the muscle tone and is suitable for people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. 


What are the other uses of Chromospace?

LED therapy may be administered alone or in combination with other therapeutic procedures, such as peeling, laser, dermapen, etc.

Chromospace also has an effect on: striaes, acne, redness, eczema, cellulitis, scars, herpes.


The special shape and flexibility of Chromospace provides an opportunity to treat several body areas at a time. LED light does not cause photodamage and is suitable for all phototypes.

Your physician will prepare an individual therapy plan depending on your complaints and needs. Usually 8 to 10 procedures are required to achieve optimum results.  LED therapy might be applied as an individual therapy or combined with other therapy procedures.

It is completely painless and has no side effects. This makes Chromospace an unparalleled procedure for treatment of different skin conditions and the entire body.





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