What is the solution if you suffer from tired and swollen legs?


Have you ever had the feeling that your feet are swollen as a play-ball after a long working day? Have you ever had desire to throw your shoes away because they have dug painfully into them? Similar situations may be observed in other body areas as well. This may be caused by lymphatic stasis and fluid retention. The skin loosens and causes painful swelling. People often do not know what causes this and wait for the swelling to resolve. However, this is the wrong approach.

Such symptoms are treated by the so-called Lymph drainage.


How does it work?


The lymph drainage activates the flow of lymphatic fluid through the lymphatic routes within the body. These routes are used to collect and release the waste products from the tissues. Under normal conditions, approximately 4 litres of lymphatic fluid run through the lymphatic system every day. This fluid, in turn, plays a key role for the maintenance of our immune system. By using anatomical and physiological knowledge about the human circulatory system, we can now activate the human immune system by using lymph drainage which is a step towards good health.

Thanks to the modern Lymphastim technology we influence the lymphatic system and get amazing results. Lymphastim is based on the principle of pneumatic compression therapy. Small balloons are pressurised subsequently using air, starting from the feet and ending at the waist. Thus, the lymphatic fluid can easily and quickly find its route. 


Who can take advantage of Lymphastim?


     - People with tired and swollen limbs after the end of the working day have their problem solved.

     - Early stage of varicose veins.

     - After oncological surgical interventions.

     - In the case of fluid retention.

     - Effect on cellulitis, in combination with acoustic waves and/or Exilis.

     - After liposuction.

     - Lymphastim has also a detoxification effect (fluid retention caused by hormonal disbalance).


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