We cannot regulate and choose which areas gain weight, nor can we control which areas slim down. A dream of mankind is not to adhere to a specific diet and not to gain weight in the meantime. Unfortunately, this is only a dream. To be in good physical condition, you need exercise in addition to a suitable diet. Some people are unable to lose the body fat whatever they do. Therefore, they resort to extreme measures such as liposuction. In fact, this is an invasive method and the results do not last “forever”.


Technologies are aimed at developing the service to make it meet the needs of the people. Vanquish is such a system. The revolutionary component of this system is that it is designed to burn fat in the most problematic area, the stomach and the folds around the waist. It turns out that modern lifestyle results in significant weight gain and the area where it is almost impossible to lose weight is the stomach. Most of the respondents in a survey said losing weight in this area remained a dream despite dieting and exercising. Furthermore, the respondents said they were at a loss among the devices and technologies offered when they decided to take advantage of the procedures available.


We would not be surprised if you share the same experience and have not been satisfied with the results. Staying true to our tradition to provide only the best solutions to our patients, we have selected the latest, most up-to-date FDA-approved technology for reduction of the circumference and body shaping in the area of the stomach and the folds – Vanquish.  It has many advantages and the results were proven in several clinical studies.  Vanquish is based on the so-called focused radio frequency and is equipped with the largest nozzle to date that practically covers the entire region of the stomach. Another great advantage is that this is a contactless procedure, i.e. it does not cause any feeling of burning, pressure, pain or discomfort.  The system works selectively because it only targets the fat depots and, to date, there is no other device capable of providing and maintaining constant temperature on the entire area simultaneously. This is what the effect of the radio frequency is about. Fatty tissue is gradually warmed to 45-46⁰C , while on the surface the temperature remains at about 40⁰C, thus preserving the skin. Four to six 30-minute procedures at weekly intervals may burn up to 50-60% of the fats and will reduce the circumference of the stomach by several centimetres.  It may be hard to believe but it is true.


Why have we chosen Vanquish for you? Because it is the result of complex technological developments, offers an unique mix of proven efficacy and safety and provides lasting results. The combination with Acoustic waves allows you to reduce the circumference of the buttocks and the hips, as well as remove the refractory cellulitis.

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