Anti-age tightening cell therapy

The therapy is appropriate for all types of skin. It stimulates cells for efficient fight against the wrinkles and loose skin. It acts at various stages of cell life for fight against the visible signs of ageing. Micro-elastin helps cells achieve a visibly tighter and smoother skin.


The procedure lasts for an hour. What are the stages?


  • Micro-dermabrasion peeling

    • It removes dead cells and restores cellular renewal. Combines the effect of microdermal abrasion with an exceptionally soft foamy texture.
  • Calming foam with an extract from a single-cell algae.

    • It calms the skin after the microdermal abrasion and helps cell regeneration.


  • Self-inflating nanospheres with hyaluronic acid

    • They even out and fill the wrinkles, thanks to the volume of the microspheres and hyaluronic acid.
  • Cell massage gel with micro-elastin

    • It improves the tone of the skin whereas cell functions are energised. Thanks to the massaging technique, micro-spheres reach even the finest wrinkles and help achieve their filling effect.
  • Tightening mask

    • It has an energising and toning effect. It preserves the elasticity and tone of the skin.
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