Classic facial cleaning

Oily, acne-prone and combined skin needs to be cleansed at least once a month to feel healthy and toned. Cleansing ensures elimination of pollution, regulation of sebumic secretion, smoothing out of the skin micro-relief, improvement of the skin texture.


Cleansing consists of several steps. Here they are:


First, the face is cleansed with cleansing milk followed by a special tonic. It is placed in a vapour bath for 15 minutes to soften the skin and to help open the pores and to clean them easier. Afterwards, comedones are extracted manually. We place a mask on the face which suits the type of skin which regulates sebum secretion and mats. We treat skin with d'Arsonval, high-frequency current with anti-inflammatory and bactericide action. We place a finishing cream for hydration and matting.


The procedure lasts for about 1 hour.


The skin restores its shine and the ability to breathe with each single cell.

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