The procedure DermAbrasion is an expert in the elimination of dead cells from the superficial layer of the skin. The procedure is tender, painless and protective. Consumables for work are individual for each patient. A sterile applicator is used. It performs rotating movements and through its relief surface it has an abrasive effect on the skin surface. A special protective mechanism prevents skin injury caused by excess pressure. Prior to abrasion, the skin is prepared with the product DermaPeel 10%, which makes dead epithelial cells easier to remove.


As an add-on effect, as a result of the massaging movements of micropeeling, microcirculation in the skin is accelerated and its regeneration is encouraged.

The strength of the pressure and, respectively, the depth of the peeling can be adjusted

according to the type of skin. Upon involuntary excessive pressure, the protective plate

returns the abrasive surface to the preset position.


The procedure starts with soft cleansing of the skin with reactivating tonic. The formulation of its components activates various mechanisms of action – cleansing, hydration, feeding, regeneration, complex skin rejuvenation.


Afterwards, the face is ready for laying  DermaPeel 10% – biological peeling which aims to renew and rejuvenate the skin in a special way.


It is also used as preparation of the skin for the procedure with the device. This is one of the most efficient products to be used for most skin problems. Through the product DermaPeel, the upper layer of dead cells is removed so that the new cells lying beneath restore the skin surface and make it tender, fresh and healthy. In its nature, the procedure consists of controlled elimination of the superficial layer of dead cells.

With the age, the epithelial layer thickens and the skin looks harsh and without lustre. This is due to a glue-like substance which thickens the superficial layers. Glycolic acid has the property to soften this substance and it is easy to remove.


The abrasive procedure, upon treatment of the skin with glycolic acid, eliminates a larger superficial layer. As a result, the fine superficial wrinkles even out very quickly.

Immediately after the abrasion, the product DermaHydrate is placed. It contains small molecules of hyaluronic acid in concentration of 1.5%. DermaHydrate restores the skin and activates the production of hyaluron. Auto-hydration is restored and water depots are built. The epidermis restores its capacity to regenerate. Due to its preliminary processing with DermaPeel 10% and DermAbrasion, 100% absorption of DermaHydrate is achieved.

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