No-needle mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a procedure which uses very fine needles to inject a cocktail of active ingredients  in the middle layer of the derma.  The advantage of mesotherapy is that the active ingredients  penetrate within the optimal depth in the derma. There is only slight discomfort during the procedure and the risk of small hematoma in some cases.

No needle mesotherapy avoids this problem and the active ingredients are delivered into the skin using ultrasound. The procedure  is absolutely  pain-free, there is no risk  and any  side effects.

What is Ultrasound?

This is acoustic vibration with frequency exceeding our ability to hear the sound (higher than 20 000 Hz).

The studies of the application of ultrasound for treatment purposes  started after World War II and  and today this process continues and the treatment indications are constantly increasing. The ultrasound is  already  used in the cosmetic medicine. The main application of ultrasound in this field is the treatment  of cellulite and the fat deposits and for no-needle  mesotherapy of the face,  neck and the neck line. No-needle therapy delivers  different cocktails of active ingredients  into the skin without  affecting the surface layer of the skin.

The procedure has also some exfoliating effect by opening the clogged pores, and providing real comfort to the skin improving  the elasticity and skin tone.

The contact between the  ultrasound waves and the body tissue produces a great range of effects – mechanical, thermal, chemical and cavitation. The ultrasound vibration makes a kind of a micro massage which  stretches and shrinks the  tissues thus activating the cells to work.  In this way the active ingredients delivered into the skin are absorbed better and more evenly. As a result, the ultrasound stimulates the fibroblast to produce more collagen and improves the circulation. Parallel to that process the active ingredients delivered into the skin generate deep  bio-revitalization  and feeding of the tissues. The accumulation of the numerous effects of the ultrasound and the special cocktail of active ingredients results in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles, promoting the metabolism and maintaining the cell viability and skin elasticity.

No-needle mesotherapy is an option for any age and can be done at any time of the day and in all seasons. This procedure is specifically  good for those who seek to improve their skin  appearance, elasticity, softness and  tone without  feeling the discomfort of  the needle.

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