Renovation therapy with Vit C+ Collagen

Double action: reduction of wrinkles + clearing the tan.

    Therapy with 15% reconstructing clear Vitamin С in combination with 100% natural collagen sheet for reducing wrinkles, stimulating cell metabolism and softening.



  • It restores the skin shine;
  • Stimulates cell renewal;
  • Evens out the wrinkles;
  • Restores skin elasticity and tightness.

   How does Vitamin C act? - Performs ultra fresh and tender peeling. Active components eliminate dead cells and stimulate cellular renewal. No skin irritations are caused. It clears the tan, tones and enhances the tissues. It is an anti-oxidant against free radicals.

    What is 100% clean and natural collagen for? – Intensive hydration of the skin. Restores skin elasticity and tightness and softens the micro-relief. It helps prevent ageing and regenerates.

The mask with a collagen sheet gives energy to cells: shine, dynamism, protection. It stimulates cell development and participates in cell metabolism. It acts against skin drying and improves blood circulation.

   Duration of therapy: 60 min. For intensive hydration course: 3 therapies, one per week. For maintenance therapy: once a month.


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