Therapy for sensitive skin with NATURA BISSÉ

Sensitive skin is common among a healthy population. The number of people who claim they have sensitive or reactive skin has increased 50-70% according to statistics. By gender, 10% of women claim to have very sensitive skin, while 6% of men make the same claim. 


Sensitive skin may be defined as an alteration caused by inflammation processes and skin hyperactivity triggered by substances or situations that are harmless for most people. As a result, the skin and the immune system’s response of people with intolerant skin may be manifested in several ways. The main symptom is a temporary redness that may become persistent, transform into inflammation and cause a sensation of heat, burning, tightness and may even cause pain.


The therapy is formulated for all skin types that addresses skin discomfort:

• SENSITIVITY: treats all degrees of skin sensitivity and softens the skin.

• PRE, DURING and POST MEDICAL PROCEDURES: powerful formulas that instantly sooth and revitalize damaged skin.

• EXTREMELY DRY SKIN: ingredients specifically targeted to minimize dryness and replace lipids to restore skin tolerance.

• SKIN AGING: cutting-edge peptide formula that provides maximum anti-aging results and stimulates the skin’s natural selfdefense mechanism.



  • Soothe irritation and relieve the skin;
  • Protect the skin from external aggressors that weakens its natural self-defense mechanism;
  • Hydrate and prevent dryness;
  • Relax and restore suppleness;
  • Relieve the sensation of heat;
  • Progressively reduce skin redness;
  • Strengthen blood vessels;
  • Re-educate and balance the skin’s self-desensitizing system;
  • Strengthen the skin’s natural resistance against environmental and internal stress factors;
  • To cover the imperfections caused by aging by providing essential elements to regenerate and firm the skin;
  • Improve the skin’s tolerance to cosmetics.


NATURA BISSÉ has added an exclusive desensitizing combination to its Exclusive Sensitive Line which includes 30 garanteed pro-tolerance ingradients!


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