Therapy with Vitamin C

At an age of 30+ years, skin needs special care directed to toning, refreshing, lightening, enhancing the tissues and regeneration. This is how therapy with Vitamin C acts. Immediately after the procedure, you can see the skin shining again, skin elasticity and tightness preserved, fine wrinkles evened out.


Fresh serum with 15% vitamin C lightens the tan and its anti-oxidant activity leads to prevention of ageing, reduction of wrinkles, regulation of cell metabolism, softening of the skin.


Collagen 2% is an indispensable cell stimulator, it restructures and hydrates the skin.


The vitamin complex (Vitamin А, Vitamin Е, Vitamin В3) and micro-elements magnesium, copper, zink have anti-stress effect, provide energy to cells and the protection they need.


Therapy is appropriate for any type of skin. It has a highly beneficial effect on the skin of smokers whose skin shine is lost as a result of smoking cigarettes.       


The procedure starts with tender cleansing with rejuvenating cleansing milk with circular movements, followed by a rejuvenating tonic. An exfoliant containing enzymes is applied on the entire face and neck and left for 5 minutes. The massage of the face and neckline immerses you to a sea of pleasant sensations.


The serum with vitamins is placed on the entire face, neck and neckline and special emphasis is laid on the fine lines and pigmentation.


Then, a renewal collagen mask follows which tightens and hydrates even further. The therapy ends with the laying of a smoothing and lightening eye gel and a renewal cream on the face, neck and neckline.


The procedure takes about an hour.

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