Acne scars treatment

New Revolutionary Microspot Fractional Laser Technology So far two types of lasers were used in aesthetic medicine – ablative and non-ablative. Using ablative lasers to burn the upper layer of the skin and remove numerous formations is related with long recovery process, which is a disadvantage. Non-ablative lasers are less effective and need more procedures to achieve the desired result. In aesthetic medicine since few years there is a third group of laser appliances based on the fractionated technology. It is a combination of both laser types. Using fractionated technology to get thousands of tiny deep wounds that form columns in your skin which are called microthermal zones - MTZ. Imagine a picture consisting of numerous pixels one next to the other. Around each laser treated zone there is another zone of untreated skin. So this fractional treatment allows the skin to recover much faster than overall treatment. This revolutionary technology makes it possible to successfully affect different skin changes with a short recovery period:

  • Face and around-the-eyes wrinkles •    Acne scars •    Aging skin changes and surface pigmentation •    Skin elasticity and texture improvement For optimal results 1 – 3 procedures in every 3-4 weeks are needed. You get your personal optimal procedures number determined at the consultation. The results of the laser procedures are immediate and progressing with top improvement after 2 – 3 months. This procedure  is not applied to the whole skin but certain areas of it which makes it suitable for delicate areas such as arms and neck. What is necessary before the procedure? You shouldn’t have had sun tan or solarium at least one month before the treatment and you should have no tan. How you look after the procedure? After laser procedure you feel light burning like sun-burning that lasts for 2 – 3 hours and causes minimal discomfort. Skin is pink to red for 5 – 7 days which means that it is deeply recovering itself. Sometimes there is a light swelling that goes in 2 – 3 days. In the procedures day you shouldn’t wash your face. You will have antibiotic and epidermis recovering creams prescribed to apply according to the doctor’s advice. You can apply make-up or shave shortly after the laser treatment. Some patients come back to every day activities the same day. Others need more time regarding treatment depth and skin condition. Skin recovery process includes:

•    Skin darkening – your skin will have bronze-brown shade that persists for 3 – 14 days regarding the laser treatment depth •    Pale off – your skin will be paling of hardly because newly formed skin takes the place of the burned one. Using hydrating creams makes it better. •    Sun protection – it is extremely important to use sun protective products not only during the recovery phase but months later as well Your sun  protection cream must have at least SPF 30. Are there some side effect risks?  Occasionally hyper- or hypopigmentation may occur that is temporary skin color change, blisters, allergic reactions to medicines and creams. Scars formation is extremely rare. Can fractionated laser technology be combined with other procedures? Absolutely! IPL appliances are used to remove face red spots and dilated blood vessels. Botulinum toxin can be combined with laser method to relax deeper wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is applied to correct naso-labial wrinkles and form and augment lip shape. Thanks to the unique and modern Microspot fractionated laser technology you get younger, smoother and tighter skin.

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