How does the derma roller work?


Essentially, it is a cylinder that has a handle with multiple small, fine and sharp needles made of surgical stainless steel. The needles' length varies (from 0.5 to 2 mm) and is selected in accordance with the problem and the skin type. When the roller moves along the skin surface, it makes hundreds of miniature pricks on the skin surface. No pain is experienced because the area is anaesthetised with an anaesthetic cream. The effect becomes better with increasing the number of pricks, so the roller is moved in different directions during treatment. The goal is to cause the skin to re-generate, which in all cases is related to the production of new and healthy collagen fibres, improvement of metabolism and blood circulation, i.e. complete revitalisation. The skin becomes softer, healthier, and looks younger with each procedure. During the first two days of the procedure you might look like you have mild sunburn but after the third day only slight pinkness remains.


How many procedures are required?


Depending on the problem, a treatment consisting of three to six procedures performed at intervals of 15 to 20 days is advisable. Photoprotective products must be used during the entire therapy, as well as at least one month after the last procedure.


What kind of problems are treated by Derma Roller?


- Acne scars;

- Surgical scars;

- To restore photodamaged skin;

- For rejuvenation;

- Striaes.

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