Laser peeling

Erbium:Yag Laser of the German company Asclepion offers one of the most modern noninvasive skin treatment. It is the best selling Er:YAG laser in the world.


The Erbium laser treatment is a safe, controllable method of tissue ablation. The wavelength of this laser is absorbed 13 times better by water than CO2 laser radiation. It is entirely converted into rapid vaporization/ablation of tissue water and cannot remain in the skin, thus producing non-specific heat damages. Due to its charasteristics, the Dermablate significantly reduce recovery time (time for reepithelialization, erythema, edema).

Thanks to the very limited thermal effects, the procedure is less painful than with CO2 lasers. Patients do not require any anesthesia for the treatment of small lesions. Side-effects and risks are greatly reduced for this laser. The safety of this treatment makes the Erbium laser superior for delicate areas like the periorbital region or even neck, chest and hands.

As long-term studies show, the Erbium laser is very effective in treating even deep wrinkles. The success results from:

· Removing and sculpturing of tissue during treatment · Softening and smoothing of tissue during wound healing · Collagen neogenesis during the first year post-op.

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