Laser spot removal

There are so many over-the-counter skin creams that promise to remove sun spots, but many of them are actually ineffective. Sun spot treatments with laser & pulsed light devices are generally considered to be more effective. Sun damaged skin may improve gradually over a period of a few years simply with daily sunscreens and lightening creams, but for those who wish for more rapid results, one or two treatments with the IPL or laser will make drastic improvement within two weeks.

At Derma Vita Laser Clinic, we treat sun spots for most skin types with TattooStar Effect and IPL. Their specific wavelengths of pulsed  or laser light safely and effectively clear sun spots. The specific band of light targets the melanin in sun spots, where the light is converted into heat. The heat selectively destroys the brown spots, which are shed away, clearing the lesion and revealing fresher, healthier skin.

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