In summertime skin is subject to stress factors especially sun beams.

What is their action?

-         elastic fibers destroy – leads to decreasing skin elasticity and wrinkles formation

-         free radicals formation – they block some important vital processes and are responsible for skin aging

-         pigmentation disorder – there are spots over face and sun-treated areas

To help skin go back to normal it is necessary to make some peeling off upper skin layer to speed up destroying of broken collagen and elastine fibers and stimulate the synthesis of new intercellular dermal substance components – collagen, elastine and glucosaminoglicans.

Chemical peel is accomplished by peeling-off the upper skin layer with different chemical compounds. This procedure is extremely helpful for people with small wrinkles and skin pigmentations.

Chemical peel addresses these problems by removing the outer layer of skin and revealing the younger-looking skin below. First popularized in the 1990's, chemical peels are now a basic staple in skin rejuvenation.

Advanced chemical peels are designed to deliver from superficial to deep penetration of the skin's layers to remove problem or damaged skin and stimulate healthier, smoother, and more vibrant skin development. In the case of acne, part of the problem is that the cells in the affected oil glands (known as sebaceous glands) are too "sticky" and don't desquamate properly. Because they adhere to each other too strongly, pores become blocked and acne lesions or pimples begin to form. Chemical peel helps by promoting normal desquamation, thus reducing formation of acne lesions. At Derma Vita Clinic, we offer different kinds of superficial and middle depth peels in various strengths, tailored to your individual needs.

Chemical peel treatment is often performed in conjunction with other laser procedures and skin care products to deal with the signs of aging or skin damage.


Middle Depth Peels


TCA One of the widely spread resurfacing procedures include trichloroacetic acid. This compound has no risk of scars and pigmentation. This peeling is middle depth one so it cannot affect deep wrinkles but it is effective for pigmentation spots, flecks, sunlight damages, fine wrinkles and some acne scars. After trichloroacetic acid recovery you have skin with your own tan and texture.

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